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Addiction Specialist and Therapy in Harley Street, London, UK.


Hypnotherapy and Coaching Treatments for Gambling, Weed Addiction, Substance & Drug Abuse, Smoking, Eating Disorders, Alcohol, Anxiety and PTSD.

Make the changes to your life that you desire, you can start today.

– Stuart Downing, Addiction Specialist & Therapy

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Stuart Downing

Imagine a life free of addiction ?

Many people keep their addiction secret , but over time it becomes harder to maintain as the impact of the addictive behaviour becomes more noticeable .

Some people are in complete denial of their addiction, fearing a spiralling destructive behaviour if they admit and take responsibility for their problem .

However , committing to an addiction recovery plan is easier than you think ,the first step is arguably the most courageous ;

  1. Admit and accept you have a problem and need help to break free
  2. Take action
  3. Book a free non-judgemental consultation call with  Stuart – 07825 599340

Addiction is not a sign of weakness or a lack of willpower,it is often a result of a habit that transformed into a coping strategy over time.

The addiction, which is a progressive psychological condition, will more often be masking the route cause which we will both identify and address in our sessions .

If we only treat the symptom/ behaviour , the addiction will improve for a short while but undoubtedly return…..sound familiar ?

Addiction and the consequences of addiction are relentless and painful , both for the addict ,family and friends . By simply arranging that free 30 minute telephone consultation , the process of recovery can be started .

By contacting Harley Street Addiction Specialist , London, you are investing in a leading UK expert in innovative addiction therapy

Your therapy sessions will be personally conducted by Stuart Downing , an experienced Senior Trauma and  class A addiction specialist  Your personalised recovery programme will incorporate rapid intervention techniques , the highest level of ongoing support and care to enable your journey to recovery . 

Stuart Downing hypnotherapist


You will find answers to the many questions your addiction presents as well as tools , coping strategies , to enable you to  reach that successful outcome in the shortest possible time frame .

Utilising Brain Neuroscience, NLP , EMDR and rapid intervention techniques your recovery will be achieved with remarkable ease and least disruption to your well-being

We work towards breaking the cycle of addictive behaviour,cravings,anxiety and strengthening consequence and behaviour patterns.

You will learn to understand and cope with triggers and make the deep changes required to strengthen your resolve and commitment to become addiction free….. permanently .

Please see below our independent third party review site

We also recognise the need for ongoing recovery support for clients who have experienced rehabilitation for addiction and offer a complete bespoke package for their continued recovery journey. We also offer programmes of support for family / friends who have been affected by a loved ones addictive behaviour

Appointments are held both in person ,or remotely online

You do not have to lose everything –

career, family, friends, and freedom.

You do not have to hit rock bottom.

Now is the time to break free.

– Stuart Downing

Want to Break an Addiction With Therapy in the UK?

You are not alone and should feel positive that you have recognised your addiction. Just by reading this page you have made a big step. Get in touch and together we can overcome your issue.

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose – because the thing we call failure is not the falling down – but the staying down.

– Mary Pickford

You have taken the first step

I believe you arrived at this website because you want change in your life and are looking for an experienced therapist to help you.

So what is preventing you from resolving issues? Releasing unwanted negative behaviour? Improving your performance or achieving your dreams? Ask yourself…what is holding me back from leading a more fulfilling, happier, satisfying and healthier life?

Your desire and commitment are ALL that is required to achieve fantastic results. All the answers are within you-you will be amazed by what both you and your mind can and will achieve! After all, both belong to you and are inseparable!

Life Changes and So Can You!

Congratulations! It takes courage to take the first step. I will help you resolve that unwanted/destructive behaviour, break free from addiction, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, fears and phobias. We will address anger issues, guilt, fear, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

You can and will overcome: Drug Addiction (cocaine, heroin, cannabis and prescription drugs), Alcohol Abuse, Gambling, Smoking, Psychosexual Issues, Weight Control and Eating Disorders.

Depression, Stress, PTSD, Trauma, Social Anxiety, Shyness, Nervousness and Blushing can all become things of the past. Self-consciousness, assertiveness and self-control will all dramatically improve as you become happier, calmer, more confident and focused. You will develop new relationships with food, achieve sustainable weight loss, look and feel great, have more energy and confidence and be healthier and fitter. Imagine freedom from binge eating, overeating and emotional eating. Enjoy deeper, rejuvenating sleep, overcome insomnia and interrupted sleep patterns, enjoy increased energy, focus and patience. Stop Smoking/Vaping and enjoy a life free of nicotine and toxic chemicals. Start living.

Clients Testimonials

Confidentiality is a core belief and a must to allow a positive treatment plan. My clients were happy to pen a few words to perhaps encourage others down the same path.

Five Stars

“I was/still am suffering with a gambling addiction. Once I had put in the physical barriers to stop myself from betting, I felt I needed to go one step further whatever that might be. I found Stuart online, and called him the day my world came tumbling down. We had a half an hour conversation, very relaxed, comfortable, no quizzes or questionnaires just simple conversation. We went on to book in a number of sessions where I learn techniques as well as having that general conversation with a non biased third party. I always felt talking to friends or family was great but they favoured someone in the situation. I was very sceptical before hand about therapy and even more so hypnotherapy, but it took me to places I didn’t think it would and enabled me to create further barriers to steer away from gambling. All the work I’ve done since coming clean has made me see gambling in a different light, and Stuart therapy reinforced this. Not only was he great to guide me through his practice, but was also great to sit and chat with for long periods of time. Will touch base again in the future as it definitely helps to regain focus and at the same time relax your mind and compose yourself.”

Never thought it would help me, but I was wrong!

Five Stars
“Before I started with Stuart, I was going into a downward spiral and was under eating and over exercising. Stuart has now been able to help me with all of his brilliant techniques to reverse my negative thoughts and allowed me to have a greater understanding of myself. I am so relieved I made contact and could not be happier with how everything has gone throughout my session, it was 100% worth the investment as I now have a new route to focus on in life. I have not only learnt a lot in regard to my eating but have also gained a lot of life skills and a greater understanding of myself. I know that Stuart will always be someone to talk to if I need in the future and he has been amazing to have as a support throughout my journey. Please get in contact with him if you’re looking for some guidance and help. “
The best decision I’ve made!

Five Stars
“I was stuck in a rut of drinking, drugs and gambling sometimes for days on end. Stuart has been the catalyst for breaking this cycle and giving me focus to help improve my life In a very short time frame. Im not out of the woods yet but with Stuarts help I can now see which way is out. Thank you Stuart “
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From My Clients